This letter is to recommend Presentation Media Inc. and the work that they did for the Emeritus College Program of the Santa Monica College District. During the last year the company provided excellent advice and solid recommendations for our interior signs for the 24,000 square foot building housing the program. This included way finding and information signs. The result was a simple and effective room designation with the added bonus of a changeable notice behind a plexi-glass panel. It was a very cost effective and sophisticated look.

The job was completed quickly and on time to the great satisfaction of myself and the 2,500 older adults who attend class at this facility. All the contracted items were completed without problems. One item was quickly modified and re-installed within a very short period of time and the error was one we made, not Presentation Media.

Presentation Media met all our conditions and enhanced the process with friendly service and good communications. You will find they are able to accomplish their contractual obligations in an efficient and effective manner.

M. H. H.

Associated Dean, Emeritus College
Santa Monica College

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend PMI for large printing services. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Michael Manio and PMI for about three years now, and they’ve become my de-facto vendor for all printing projects at the EA Los Angeles offices. In addition to professional quality of product, PMI has proven to be a reliable partner when we’re up against deadlines and has provided products for us overnight and at rates that really nobody can beat. For these reasons, I’d like to recommend PMI to you, just as I have to other friends and contacts of mine.

B. Y.
EALA Marketing


My graphic services department at (Raytheon) has nothing but exceptional service and product quality from Presentation Media Inc. (PMI) for more than 30 years. I always include PMI in my vendor bidding because of their ability to get the job done on time and within budget. I highly recommend to anyone the services of PMI to meet all  printing/graphic/signage requirements that you may have.

D. A.
Team Leader II, Customer Service Rep.
Media Solutions Space and Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company


To Whom it Concerns:

For the past two years, Presentation Media Inc. (PMI) has been Moog’s  sole vendor for blueprinting scanning. We have requested PMI to convert our hardcopy drawings and documents to tiff and pdf format, and to save the scans to  compact disc  for easy retrieval.

PMI’s scans have met Moog’s stringent quality standards. PMI’s staff is conscientious of their work, and they handled the few complaints we raised promptly and professionally. Account Manager Mike Manio is courteous, responsive, and highly dependable. He has always delivered our scans on time and to our satisfaction.

J. M.
Technical Writer
Aircraft Group, Moog, Inc.