• PMi Corporate Creative Conference 2015

    Posted on June 22, 2015 by in blog, enews

    PMI Creative Conference Flyer 3-2014 pg1

    Presentation Media, Inc., and its subsidiary DEPTH 3D Printing, invite you to the PMI 2nd annual Creative Conference.

    Our conference delivers proven state-of-the-art technologies in key aspects of the graphic arts industry. This year, our focus will be on 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Video Conferencing, Dye-Sublimation and Data Visualization. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about – and see – what’s new.

    July 21st – DATA VISUALIZATION. In the era of big data, analysis is essential. Can you think of a better way to visualize data other than infographics? Probably not. We’ll show you how to do it and see “the BIG picture”.

    July 22ndAUGMENTED REALITY AND VIDEO CONFERENCING. Augmented reality breathes new life into print. It doesn’t matter whether your product is a painting, a newspaper, a magazine, a billboard or a trade show booth. Augmented reality allows you to enhance static imagery with video demonstrations, explanations or brief sales presentations. Do it with style. Do it with AR!

    Another effective trade show vehicle is video conferencing. When a customer or prospect needs information that you can’t provide, video conferencing allows you to link – visually – to the expert in your office who isn’t at the show. Why let opportunities walk out of your booth….into your competitor’s?

    July 23rdKILLER GRAPHICS VIA DYE-SUBLIMATION. Dye sublimation is, without a doubt, the best and most economical way of producing bright, vivid, crisp graphics. Dye-sub is color-fast and virtually indestructible. Wrinkle-free, lightweight fabrics allow you to bring (or ship) far less to a trade show or expo. Dye-sub can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible with the latest technologies. See them at PMI and Supercharge your Graphics!

    July 24th3D PRINTING. 3D Printing – aka “additive manufacturing” – is revolutionizing the way business is done. If you’re doing product design, rapid prototyping or modeling, 3D printing can, and should be, your greatest ally. If you’re interested in replacing your current supply chain with onsite manufacturing of parts on-demand, 3D printing is the answer. Don’t be left behind. Ride the 3D wave to success for rapid prototyping, modeling and unique art creation.




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